Alastar Blackhawk Bio:​Edit

Alastar Blackhawk
Alastar Blackhawk grew up in a Small House in the middle of a Forest with his mother away from from all the commosion of the Scourge and Deathwing .etc. He trained with the bow since he was a youngling. It was how some people say "The Common Life". But that all changed when the scourge scouted through the forest and found there home. He was getting water at the near by stream when he heard all the cummosion. He ran to the House but he was to late. It was already a pile of burning ashes and his mothers Grizzly remains. He swore vengeance against the scourge and ever since he has been training his skills with the bow. He lives in the trees and uses them as transport. The roads are Death Traps but he often travels along them if he is in a Bad mood hopeing that someone will get in his way. His adventure has led him to Birmwood...


What I think of Birmwood:Edit

Birmwood...I have one word for it...Absolutely AMAZING! Ok that is two words but you get the point...


I will update as soon as I get the time.