This has been pulled off of the Divinity-x Birmwood forum, it was written by Drace. Q: What happened to Parcival? He's the boss, not you! A: As I've stated, Parcival granted me the ownership of WoW Birmwood, and is working on the TXT-RPG Birmwood. (Which, is the original game, with the original lore)

Q: My character was not accepted to Birmwood, why is that? A: We in Birmwood, wish to get people to understand that they aren't their normal DW destroyers. But mere weak farmers. Your character was most likely not good enough to be accepted into Birmwood.

Q: Is there a way for me to get accepted to Birmwood when once being denied? A: Well, now when I'm in the reins, I do give everyone a chance, if they can proove me that they've understood on why they were denied, and changed their character. I do allow them. (Implying that their character would then be following our standards)

Q: Why are you and Parcival so rough and elitist with this?  A: Simply because Parcival has worked so much for this, and we do not wish to see normal, dumbarses ruining the meaning of Birmwood, when they pull out a gun and shoot someone, expecting to get away with it by simply .ph exiting.

Q: How are you going to maintain this? A: That, is a tricky question. For to host the whole Birmwood, I'll be requiring atleast 6 officers helping me moderate, simply due to the size.

Q: Why do you only allow Humans and Elves? A: Because we are lacking moderators, and I can't host a whole land alone, Elves and Humans are most near to each other, so we chose those two races to be allowed. 

Q: I died in Birmwood, is there a way for me to get back? A: Make a new character? You can't kill yourself and expect to be revived, once dead, always dead.

Q: When is Birmwood going to be finished in Div? A: That, is a tough one. There is no real release date for WoW version, and to tell the truth, we're balancing between on dumbing WoW Birmwood, and focusing only on the TXT-RPG.

Q: What is this TXT-RPG you always speak of? A: A Text-RolePlayingGame. Which will be about Birmwood, and it is like a book, which you read, and you can choose the outcome.

Q: When will the two be realeased? A: A short, "prequel" TXT-RPG, will be released on the fifth of december if I remember correcly. (5.12.12) The WoW Birmwood...With luck, it may be released somewhere during 2013, but don't hold your breath, the TXT-RPG is something which is closer to becoming real, rather than WoW Birmwood.