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Krennan Derrington

Krennan Derrington was a native of Birmwood. His mother had died in childbirth. His father was one of the rider's who went with The Inquisitor to destroy the college and ultimately perished in the Magical Explosion. Krennan was only a teenager at the time but had learned enough from his father to survive. After the explosion he went with the Rebels into hiding and helped them cling on to life. Krennan is now a farmer but is not having much success farming on corrupted land. He rises to meet any threat he can face although he was recently injured in an attack by the undead (hence the bandages). He has brown/golden hair, stocky but not very powerful due to lack of food. He always carries a torch at his side wherever he goes. Since the undead attack he has been paranoid of his surroundings especially at night. He has his father's hunting bow which he salvaged from his old home. (to be continued)