The so called, 'questing' in Birmwood. Meaning the aquiring of tasks and completing them. Is part of the A-Life cycle that we shall not much talk about. What is there to know, is that there will be NO signs or people pointing at anyone saying "He has a quest". It's all up to you and your actions in the world that give you tasks.

In fact, by entering the phase, you have over 6 tasks to fulfill already. But, what is special in Birmwood. Are the so called "Dynamic scenes/events", which are triggered by your consequences. For an example, let us take that you helped a woman, who was crying at the road and said that her husband beat her son to death. You help her take revenge and all goes its good and jolly way.

... but what happened? Nothing. For a day or two, you go on with your life UNTIL the consequence is triggered and events unfold. A band of people ambushes you and drags you into the forest. Asking you about the business with the woman and the dead man. You aquier news about the deed and information, linking up to the fact the woman was lying from start on, etc.

Your every day actions can be the cause of massive events, on which whole factions can be annihilated or even risen up. YOU decide how the fate of Birmwood AND yours ends. And nobody else. Not even Parcival's scripted events can japerdize this. It's your call and your destiny.