By now, you must've recieved the impression that Birmwood is not just a pesky project to combine phases, it's ONE phase under the leadership of ONE man and with ONE simple goal. Quality RP.  So, here are the few sentences that shall describe and help you get OOC and ICly into Birmwood. 1: You are NOTHING! you do NOT posses weapons and armor which you can easily use for your troubles.

2: You do NOT have incredible strength! Only Dwarves posses abnormal strength.

3: Everyone starts as a weak, poor person, being badly starved, and thus, weak as a stick.

4: Women, have no need to be anywhere else but in the kitchen. Males are dominant. All non-Humans are considered pests,Elves are a KoS

5: Think of your words and actions carefully, insulting a guard can lead to your death, and it's not wise to brag about your powers to anyone.