The A-Life system is part of Birmwood's simulation processing units. Making certain that the enviroment stays dynamic and reacts according to its standards. It keeps weather under control, moves and interacts animals, giving them a daily list of activites. From hunting, eating, sleeping, hibernating, drinking, to other actions, such as holding off invaders from their own territory and repopulating. Animals are NOT player-played but are NPC wise. 

The A-Life system is therefore a vital part of Birmwood's dynamic scale. But not only animals, even normal human NPC's are controlled by the A-Life system. Giving them professions, gossip to talk about and simply making them feel more alive and populating the area. Therefore, every NPC has a story to be told and is worth listening to.

The A-Life system even determines your reputation with a specific faction/organization and keeps your progress documented as your progress through the plot and the phase itself. Each and every of your triumphs, loss' and relationships are saved in our database, keeping information available at any moment at any time.

Moderation is therefore of a higher value then in any other phases, but effort is rewarded. And for quality RP, we are prepared to cross the lines of standards. For YOUR satisfaction.