The explosion cursed the land and turned it into a living nightmare. The cycle between day and night was broken, and for a moment. Both light and darkness flickered. The ground was ripped of its living essence and all that was good became bad, evil. The water, became foul and ill, the grass, even if still growing and without any signs, became foul in the inside. Bringing illness and death to all who would eat from it.

Yes, the "Illness" cursed Birmwood into a state of self pitty and nightmare. Strange creatures appeared from the waters and battlefields of all, many legendery battles. Like the "Slaying of the Dragon" was frozen in time. And, most importantly. The factions, Rebels, Bandits, Nonhumans and Chapel.. fell sillent. No word of them, of course not for long. For, The Chapel quickly re-emerged to bring peace and order to their land. But this time, their number of supporters and soldiers fell, drasticly.