The sad day came, as the people escorted the caravan, which carried the frail body of the once, beautiful and fair Lady Alleisa. The wife of Lord Ulrich of Birmwood. Perished, by her own devices, her death was pushed to her by the corrupted noble, Bartley.

The Lord came rushing towards Birmwood upon hearing the news of her death. Eitherway, the caravan moved slowly, past the ridge overlooking the forest, and through the pass, that connected Laketown to the Capital region. But on their way, a messenger arrived, without breath. He alerted the Lord about the Ogre invasion army, that has made their way into Birmwood, and are pillaging, destroying all that stands in their way. Now, the Lord had to decide. Either follow the caravan, or save his land.  "Priest, escort my beloved to the crypt, she should rest, I shall not." These were the last words of the Lord, upon when he turned his horse and ordered many of his men to follow him into battle.

The battle was bloody, as the militia and small Birmwood army already clashed with the Ogres upon the pass to Alterac. The Ogres, small in numbers, but vast in strength, crushed the human defenders. And as they brought the ballista to assist them, the Ogres crushed it with a rock. But then, when all seemed dark and defeat was certain, came the howling of the Northern horn. The Ram horn, the one given to Ulrich by the Dwarf Yoren, who lived upon the misty peak of the mountains. And down came rushing his best of knights, with lance straight and stout hearted. They crushed the Ogres and pushed them back.. but they too had a trick up their sleave.

The battle took its toll, and evening was beckoning. The snow storm only made the battle conditions harder. But all knew, if they fall now, they lose all. Therefore, the Lord himself went into battle, with his mighty sword and loyal Captain at his side. The Ogres fell, one by one. Until the Warlord personally came to join the fray. He challenged Ulrich and upon their clash, smashed him with his mighty axe against the rocky wall. His rib cage broken and spirit slowly faded. The Warlord withdraw the assault and only laughed. The captain quickly approached the Lord, and in all the years following, it was only the Captain who has heard the last words, the last decisive words of the Lord. For he took his sword up, and chased after the Warlord, instead of doing what the Lord commanded of him.

After the battle, the state in the land was horrible. The people's joy and hope for life was slowly washing away, and the infamous organization, known as "The Chapel of the Eternal Flame" came to take the land, by force. Their time.. now begun.